Throughout history, land in Florida has proven to be both a consistent long-term and short-term investment.  Buying land in Florida offers appealing portfolio diversification opportunities to many of the investors with whom we work. Given our market understanding and the 100+ years of combined land buying experience at Neal Land & Neighborhoods, we offer safe investments with a strong asset-secured return that also serve as a hedge against rising inflation as we rise in the market. Land values in this area of Florida have remained stable because they are in short supply and high demand.

Qualified investors have the opportunity to work with Neal Land & Neighborhoods in several ways, be it through secured cash investment or full equity participation.  We offer you the ability to simply participate in the projected appreciation of the land development without day-to-day management of the development. We work with a variety of investors, including family office, private money, and high net worth investors.

We are also actively seeking land within Manatee and Sarasota counties to purchase or lease and place into active agriculture. We have extensive understanding and capability in Florida agriculture, agricultural leasing, water-use permitting, and general land management. With thousands of our own acres currently farming row crops, cattle, and grass, our efficiencies greatly exceed those of small land farmers. Farm land returns have a negative correlation with more traditional investments such as stocks or bonds and only a slightly positive correlation with other types of real estate. These features make farm land an attractive portfolio diversification tool that can help lessen the impact of the market volatility of other investments.

Our projects are designed for a variety of options subject to economic and environmental conditions. We work with trusted real estate professionals, national and regional home builders, and developers to ensure that investments are profitable. Building solid relationships is just as important to us as creating value for our investors. Please contact us to set up some time to discuss how we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.


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